Choosing a good web hosting is an important decision which can be time-consuming and might cost you extra money. In this article we will talk about the most important hosting features you need to take into consideration, we will share our top 10 favorite web hostings with their pros and cons, to help you choose the perfect one for your business. 

Before diving in, please take some time to think about what the need for your site is. Do you want to build an e-commerce site or a blog with a portfolio, or you just want a web presence for your company with contact information listed on the website? Knowing the needs of your website and how those needs might grow in the future will help you understand which hosting provider company and subscription plan is perfect for you.

Web hosting providers usually offer different hosting types. Here are the most common ones:

Shared web hosting

Best for small websites and blogs. Cheap Pricing

All websites are stored on one physical hosting server where they share server resources like storage, bandwidth, RAM, and computing power. If you are just starting with a blog or small website for your small business and your website will not get much traffic, this is the best place to start. But you need to check what are other sites (your neighbor sharing the same hosting with you. If there are many spam websites, the search engines will consider your website spam as well and you will not be able to rank high.

If you are anticipating having a low-traffic website: just starting your business, writing a blog, or creating a portfolio, then you should consider starting with shared web hosting. However, once your site grows, you will feel a need to update your hosting plan by purchasing a more expensive option with more features and strengthen your online presence.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

Best for middle size websites. Affordable Pricing

VPS is similar to shared hosting (speed and uptime wise) and it stores multiple websites on the same server. It provides more customization options and you’ll have more control.

Dedicated hosting

Best for big, enterprise, high-traffic websites. The most expensive

Type of hosting server that gives website owners the resources of one entire server for their website. This type of hosting provides websites with the ability to handle large amounts of traffic and the ability to customize it to their needs in terms of CPU, RAM, disk space, and software. If you do not have a technical background, consider hiring a System Administrator.

There are several features you should pay attention to while choosing the hosting plan:


It is crucial to look at the hosting uptime, which is the time that your website is available to your customers. The closer the number is to 100%, the more consistent and stable your website is. No system is flawless, and any hosting company that claims 100% uptime is usually lying, but it is reasonable to expect 99.9% uptime.


While choosing a hosting provider company and a subscription plan, almost everyone makes the mistake of looking at the cheapest price first. Sometimes, the cheapest plan offers many benefits, however, there are many limitations and restrictions, and usually, the renewal price for the cheapest plan is much higher. If a low price is essential for you, understand what exactly you need, then compare the cheapest plans from different companies, and choose the most suitable one.

Hosting Space

Another factor is the unlimited hosting space. This might not be important for your website, so you should not overpay unless you are planning to create a massive site with heavy assets like large videos or images.

Customer Support

We believe that a good hosting company should have 24-hour customer support. Sometimes, you might have an issue at 4 am and email the provider and they might answer during working hours, which is not convenient at all. Look for hosting providers that claim to have 24/7 live chat or phone support. You may never need it, but if you do need it, the company will not let you down.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is usually a free bonus that companies are providing, is used to help protect any information sent back and forth between the user’s device and the website, secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.

CDN (Content Delivery Network), which is again a free bonus that companies are providing, stores large files, like images, on many servers in different locations around the globe. This helps to make sure that the files are stored as close as possible to site visitors, making them faster to access.

Now, when you already are familiar with the important features, available hosting types and other nuances of choosing a web hosting, let’s dive in into our suggested companies, see their pricing models, pros and cons.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate. It will not cost you extra but we will receive a commission if you make a purchase using our links.

1. Hostinger

  • Cheap pricing (from $0.99/month) with higher renewal
  • Flexible monthly and annual plans
  • 99.95% uptime
  • 24/7 support chat
  • Datacenters in US, Europe, Asia
  • Average speed 349.7 ms
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Good Neighborhood
  • Lack of dedicated hosting
  • Base plan offers only 1 email
  • Lack of phone support
  • Lack of Windows support

2. Bluehost

  • From $2.95/month with higher renewal
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 24/7 support chat
  • Easy to use interface, beginner-friendly
  • Average speed 404.8 ms
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Good Neighborhood
  • Discount available only for annual subscription plans
  • Lack of Windows-based servers

3. GreenGeeks

  • From $2.95/month with higher renewal
  • Average Speed 446.5 ms
  • 99.97% uptime
  • 24/7 support chat
  • Free domain name
  • Free website migration
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • Good Neighborhood
  • $2.95/month only if subscribed for 3 years, otherwise $9.95/month
  • Only one shared hosting plan

4. Namecheap

  • From $1.44/month with higher renewal
  • Average speed 686.5 ms
  • Easy setup process
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Lack of Windows-based servers
  • 99.86% uptime and not impressive speed
  • Not very good customer support

5. Siteground

  • From $3.95/month with higher renewal
  • Average speed 672.4 ms
  • 99.98% uptime
  • 24/7 support chat
  • Single month plan available
  • Free SSL Certificate and CDN
  • Expensive basic plan
  • No free domain name

6. DreamHost

  • From $2.59/month with the same renewal price
  • Average Speed 648.7 ms
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Official WordPress Host
  • Free domain for 1 year on all annual plans
  • 99.93% uptime
  • No cPanel (Custom Panel)
  • Not very good customer support
  • Only paid migrations

7. A2 Hosting

  • From $2.96/month with higher renewal
  • Average Speed 317.3 ms
  • 24/7 support chat
  • Offers “HackSkan” to keep the website safe
  • Free site migrations
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 99.93% uptime
  • Renewal prices are high
  • Many restrictions on the cheapest plan

8. iPage

  • From $1.99/month with higher renewal
  • Average Speed 745.8 ms
  • 99.95% uptime
  • Easy setup process
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Not very good customer support
  • No free site migrations
  • No vDeck (same as c Panel)
  • Lots of upsells, and lots of additional fees

9. InMotion

  • From $6.99/month with higher renewal
  • 99.95% uptime
  • Good customer support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free domain
  • Slow server speed of 825.4 ms
  • Delayed verification process

10. WP Engine

  • From $25.00/month with higher renewal
  • Average Speed 425 ms
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 live support
  • Custom plan available
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Good Neighborhood
  • Only for WordPress users
  • Discount available only for annual subscription plans
  • No domain name (need to purchase from other providers)
  • No Email addresses

If you are still not sure what you need, start small. You can always upgrade your plan later if you need to.

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