Producing quality content is never easy. Especially if you are running a blog. From keyword research to competitive analysis – you have to do it all. Even though there are so many blogs on the web, only the ones that give real value to the readers perform well and rank high.

Many wrongfully believe that to run a successful blog you have to have an army of marketers. Well, you could try hiring a few but your finances will not say “Thank you”. Another way to go is to choose the right tools that will help you in your blogging journey. Using the best tools will save you so much time and they will not break your bank!

Assuming you already have set-up your website, we have broken down the rest into three stages: research, write and grow. Let’s dive into the tools that will help you excel in each stage.

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Here are the tools that will help you do keyword research, choose the right topic and write a killer title.

Twinword Ideas

Did you ever need to write about a product or service but were out of ideas what exactly to write about? We all know that struggle. Try using Twinword and get inspired!

Let’s say you want to write about “tennis”. Enter the keyword and let the tool do the rest. Twinword will come up with relevant keyword suggestions and statistics. You will know how hard it would be to rank your blog for that keyword, how much are the monthly searches and even the title score – all for free.

Twinword’s keyword tool will keep your content calendar filled with trendy topics.

Neil Patel

When one of the most famous marketers creates a tool – you know it’s good.

The competition for bloggers is tough. Creating valuable content is not enough. You have to give more than your competitors do, and that’s why your competitor analysis has to be on point and updated. This is where this tool will help. Just type your competitor’s domain and hit “Search”. You will get search volume, keyword difficulty, the backlinks, etc. You will be able to beat the competition at no cost!

Keywords everywhere

If you are planning on running ads and love extensions then this one’s for you. The Keywords Everywhere is compatible with Chrome and Firefox and it will give you data on monthly search volume, cost per click and competition data. It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is type your search on Google, and Keywords Everywhere will pull the data for you right on the search page.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

You have decided on your topic, outlined the article. Now what? You need a catchy headline.

Write down a few ideas and analyze them with CoSchedule. The smart headline analyzer will rate your title on different criteria and help you improve.


Now you know what you are going to write about. Here are the tools that will make the actual process of article creation much more efficient.


If you want your blog to succeed you must make sure that your copy is free of mistakes and is well-written. Even the pros make typos. Before publishing check your text with Grammarly. Its AI-powered technology will make sure that your content is mistake-free.


A blog without creatives will not catch the eye of a reader. Besides text, you need to have the right visuals in place. Content with visual assets tends to perform better. Skim through Envato’s list of assets and choose.


If you didn’t find the right stock asset you were searching for, create your own! From presentations to icons – visualize content with Visme. The best part is that you don’t have to be a designer to create beautiful content with this tool.


Wrike is a project management and collaboration tool. It’s easy to lose the bigger picture when you don’t use a dedicated tool to track your tasks. Create a content calendar, invite colleagues to cooperate and do much more with Wrike.


You have your beautiful article on hand and are ready to rank on the first position on Google! Where to start? It is very unlikely that your article will perform well just on its own. There is some effort you need to put in and here are the tools to consider.


Now that you have written your blog post it’s time to promote it! One of the strategies for improving SEO and gaining traffic to your site is finding broken backlinks to change them with your own. LinkMiner will check the backlinks for a given domain and pull the broken ones. All you have to do is act on the results.


Your blog should have a strategy and from time to time you have to check back if it works. To build great experiences for your readers you need to meet and even exceed their expectations. SurveySparrow has solutions designed to capture customer feedback. Analyze the feedback and act to delight site visitors.


Eventually, your blog will bring revenue, and when this happens you should use a trusted solution for processing the payments. Payoneer is perfect for those who want to receive low-fee payments in many currencies. Having a Payoneer account enables receiving local bank transfers: no more boundaries!


Running a blog can cost almost nothing, while still bringing in revenue. Research and choose the right tools to be as productive as possible.

Did we miss any tool? Hit us up with recommendations. We are constantly updating our articles 🙂