Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get extra-traffic, let more people know about your business, and make passive income without much effort. The reason why these programs are so popular is that this method offers a win-win situation for both merchants and affiliates. It's beneficial for your business because of the low starting cost, no-risk marketing, and the increase in SEO ranking. The only minus is the amount of time you need to invest. But, luckily Affiliate tracking software can make it easier and save you time. It is the simplest way to create your own Affiliate Network and make profits with online advertising. This kind of software usually provides tracking, reports sales, registrations, or clicks from affiliate links and pays commissions. Some of them also provide full campaign management and analytics.

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We here at scaleo believe that tracking not only needs to be good. there are many "good" tracking tools out there. so what makes scaleo special? we not only provide you with a top tracking tool, we also include a free antifraud logic... Read more

Create, track and grow your affiliate program. tapfiliate helps businesses and influencers grow together, through affiliate marketing.

Turn your users and customers into referral magnets. the easiest to integrate referral tracking software for your website.

Built using state of the art technology with our clients and their needs in mind, the hitpath performance marketing tracking software is both flexible and scalable yet uncompromisingly reliable and accurate.

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Affiliate tracking and referral software for stripe

Affise is a saas marketing platform for advertisers, agencies, and networks to manage, track, analyse and optimise their online advertising campaigns in real-time


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The revtrax offer management platform (omp) empowers brands to deliver offers across channels, track the performance and connect insights to decisions that save you money and drive more value from your marketing efforts.

Orangear is an affiliate tracking platform built to start, grow and scale your business. try it now for free.