Billing and Provisioning software products and services

Jerasoft automates billing, rating, routing, and mediation processes for mobile and business telecoms, isps, iot and cloud service providers. discover more.

Onebill is a cloud based subscription management and recurring billing software for all automates payments,invoices,subscriptions billing at single platform.signup & get real-time metrics, prorated billing.

Intelebill and intelecabs billing solutions combine unparalleled accuracy with affordability to meet growing telecom companies' needs.

Obs-cost effective subscription billing and crm, a saas based billing solution.

A global service provider of convergent billing, provisioning, crm, policy control and payment solutions for isp, pay tv, iptv, vod, voip service providers. trigital is a saas billing & crm company with diverse experience that provides end-... Read more

Panamax offers robust market-leading solutions in business support system, network switching subsystem, mobile financial solutions and managed services domains.

A java based, open systems platform with dynamic frameworks that provides a common look and feel across all applications.

Tekno telecom provides innovative and accurate monitoring for mobile, ims, pstn, iot, cable and wifi for networks around the globe

Flexible subscription billing keeps you in control

Wisp management, billing. tutto quello che ti serve per la gestione di clienti e contratti.

Our convergent billing, pos, crm and oss solutions support all telecom technologies, the language, currency, regulatory and cultural demands of a global market.