Click Fraud software products and services

Clixtell is a world leader in providing cutting edge solutions for call tracking, detecting & preventing ppc fraud activity, and website video recording.

clickcease™ detects and blocks click fraud on your adwords campaigns. automatically block competitors and bots from wasting your ppc ads budget.

Ppc protect is the leading click fraud detection software for your ppc campaigns. automated protection in 3 clicks giving you more leads & saving you money.

adtector is the world's #1 click fraud prevention service. our revolutionary service protects adwords advertisers from click fraud. our success rate is 99% and it was designed by experts with years of experience and technical expertise.

Centralsquare is a new type of software provider dedicated to bringing the latest in data science, iot and ai to the public sector. learn more about us and our software platform.

Fraudhunt protects your website from account fraud, ad fraud, fraud clicks, and malicious bots. stop loosing money to fraud, talk to our experts today!

Kochava is the industry leader for mobile app attribution and mobile app analytics. we enable top brands to harness their data for growth. learn more here.