Customer Advocacy software products and services

Influitive helps companies increase customer lifetime value and accelerate sales with the power of their own customer advocates. inspire your customers to stay longer, share their experiences, and attract new business.

B2b advocate marketing solution for customer engagement and mobilizing, advocate behavior rewarding and analyzing.

We're driving growth for restaurants & retailers by developing the future of customer engagement & brand advocacy. it's modern marketing made just for you!

Ambassify enables you to manage and measure your employee engagement efforts. start making a real connection with your workforce.

Promoto is a b2b brand advocate marketing saas solution with a mission to convert your customers into brand advocates. at promoto, we are on a mission to turn your existing set of customers into a brand advocacy engine. promoto leverages th... Read more

Drive more likes, comments, and shares of your brand content on facebook, instagram, and twitter with social media brand ambassadors and brand advocates. start a free trial today.

Use the power of the people around you to amplify your message.

Web-based system that helps incentivise current customers and increases the number of brand advocates that rave about your products.