Customer communications management

Secure messaging app that helps small businesses keep their customers up to date on news, events, and promotions.

Preferred patron is the top customer loyalty software program for businesses in any industry of any size. you get a complete customer loyalty system, with build-in crm, promotion and rewards managment, email marketing and sms text message... Read more

Install live chat on your website and turn your visitors into paying customers with jivochat. easy setup, 5 agents free!

Messaging app that enables real time customer communications for small businesses.

Presence ai enables your customers to book business services by text message over your landline. ai-powered appointment booking, confirmations, & more.

Livevox cloud-based contact center solutions leverage multiple channels to combine voice, text and email and meet the consumer on their channel of choice.

Activedocs document automation software integrates dynamic templates and multiple data sources to automate the assembly, storage and production of compliant documents.

Платформа для клиентской поддержки и продаж, агрегирующая все мессенджеры, онлайн-чат и e-mail в едином интерфейсе.

One way group chat that allows to send group messages with no replies at schools, sport clubs or any other businesses.

Web-based on-demand document generation tool with version control and template interpreting functionality.