Predictive Analytics software products and services

A deep learning platform for scalable infrastructure, version control and team management. extract, train and deploy your machine learning models and collaborate with your data science team.

Collective[i]’s network of sales activity data combined with artificial intelligence and predictive technology map the b2b buying process to grow revenue.

Using predictive data-modelling techniques, machine learning and artificial intelligence to help your employees make better decisions at scale and speed

Simplify your budgeting, planning & forecasting by using kepion's cpm and epm solutions.

Analytics software that helps you find relationships in your data and build predictive models. easy to use, it enables hundreds of organizations to quickly mine their data and build predictive models to figure out things like which customer... Read more

Drawbase provides leading cafm/iwms enterprise infrastructure products for space, asset, datacenter and infrastructure management and occupancy planning, a full range of professional services provide for a successful implementation from sit... Read more

Marketing and sales intelligence software powered by automated data science and the world’s most reliable business data

Reach is a self-service predictive analytics platform designed for marketers, helping target only the consumers most likely to respond to marketing campaigns.

Run professional eye-tracking tests online. use your testers webcams to get results. our software allows you to see what your users see. starting from $59.


Cut inventories & sell more. get an unfair advantage with gmdh streamline demand & inventory forecasting solution. get a free edition!

Use data from across your business to optimize revenue operations and achieve predictable growth with insightsquared’s ai-powered revenue intelligence software.

Our flagship software is the world’s most powerful machine learning platform. predicx, transforms your text data in near real-time.