Small Business Loyalty Programs software products and services

Loyalty & gamification software with ready-to-use features, prepared for off-line and on-line loyalty programs.

“changes in technology have brought about a paradigm shift in the expectations of consumers. today’s consumers are better informed, have a wider variety of choices and expect more value for their dollar. we call them ‘rewardsters’, and we b... Read more

Pobuca sales is a field sales reps app for brands and wholesalers available on web and android.

Candybar is a easy to use digital loyalty rewards program to help increase regular customers. stores, marketing agencies and brands love boosting repeat sales with candybar. set up within minutes and simple to use. try it for free.

Belly is a leading digital loyalty and marketing solution with more than 12k business partners and 7 million members. centered around the ipad, belly businesses create customizable, unique rewards programs their customers actually want. thr... Read more

Whisqr is the easiest way to get a highly customized loyalty program for your business or brand. whisqr's loyalty program provides your business with the option to reward a wider range of options than any competing program, uses your busin... Read more

Connect with your customers. a platform for local businesses that boosts customer loyalty and engagement through rewards and personalized communication.

Customer loyalty platform that helps retailers and restaurants implement targeted campaigns, view and analyze customer data.

Kaem-clps customer loyalty program software: this software will help in repeated customers. the software will be integrated with a membership card which will be provided to the customers. any kind of offers can be customized according to... Read more

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