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Have you conducted video interviews yet? join modern recruitment with video cover letters and video pre-screens. your top video integrated recruitment platform!

Video interviews identify high quality candidates with minimal time investment. shortlister has interviewed applicants from 88 countries. find top talent faster.


Humanising recruitment

Nothing is more important than identifying the best candidate among the applicants. but how to, when all the applications look alike? with videoscreening you ask a gross group of candidates to answer 1-5 questions on this makes the selec... Read more

Recright is a video recruitment platform that helps you find the right people faster. start meeting the real person behind the resume with video interviews.

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Candidate video offers professional online video interview software for human resources and recruitment professionals

Flexible, brandable, affordable web-based video interviewing and screening tool for small to large businesses looking to reduce time to hire and turnover costs associated with traditional and outdated screening methods. service includes but... Read more

Web based video interviewing solution with features such as scheduling, global reach, and simultaneous interviewing capabilities.


Plumvue is an exclusive hiring marketplace that connects top data science talent with india's best companies. let your dream job find you.


Saves companies and job-seekers time by making the interview process more effective.

Companies who use a video interview platform in their hiring process recruit 3x faster, save 56% in hiring costs, and see roi in 2.6 days.