Workflow management

Karbon combines email, discussions, tasks and powerful workflows to keep everything your team needs to get work done in one place and in context.

Briefcase is a world class, studio management software solution that gives you complete and total control over all your resources, project management, workflow and planning requirements. supports the rapid development of all types of low code, iaas and baas applications. productivity is delivered by abstracting the technical complexity inherent in data integration, ui and workflow development. the paas provi... Read more

With ultradox for g suite you can automate tedious tasks and create your own enterprise apps without hiring a team of developers. the unique combination of form builder, workflow and template engine allows you to merge, send and print docu... Read more

Development and production teams transparently managing communication and workflow automation in a shared workspace.

Comidor next generation bpm platform smartly connects people, things, data and processes to provide unique user experience and unparalleled business agility. comidor is a digital business transformation platform which offers state-of-the-ar... Read more

Optimumhq business solutions platform software delivers benefits of custom software without the expense or headache promotes trust between you and your customer. they appreciate the timely communication and the fact that they know what stage their vehicle is in throughout the repair process. text message notifications are appreciated by your... Read more

Uipath is a leading robotic process automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes.

Simplify your budgeting, planning & forecasting by using kepion's cpm and epm solutions.